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Blender Bookmagazine presents: BLENDER BOOK: The personalities of the year - a dozen questions and some photos to know a little more the look of the dancer of the day i.e. Nadiah NfuZion. Read more

...and what did Eye'M Killian think about Nadiah NfuZion's shooting session with Blender Bookmagazine? Find out here.


Article feature for Dancehall Weekend in Zurich hosted by Just Kiki

Article feature for Dancehall Weekend in Zurich hosted by Just Kiki

Nadiah and her team mate, Israel, from Brasil, wins 2 vs 2 Dancehall JUSTE DEBOUT 2017!!!



Last June, Nadiah flew herself over to LA to audition for Laure Courtellemont's show, Dare to Dancehall. She was successfully cast for the show and now having just relocated to Paris, Laure Courtellemont and Ousmane Sy are once again joining forces to present this powerful production for the first time in France. With fifteen dazzling dancers from Jamaica, the United States, Brazil, Australia, Sweden and France, prepare to experience an explosive choreographic immersion between Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.

In conjunction with the 100% Africa Festival at La Villete, Dare to Dancehall will be part of the Golden Stage program showcasing a variety of incredible street dance works. Catch Nadiah and the rest of the cast in this power-packed 20 min production from March 23rd - 25th. 


Nadiah is now based in Paris, FRANCE and teaching weekly classes at the world renown Street, Afro and Dancehall hub - Studio MRG

Nadiah features on Episode 3 of the Oz African TV Show!!!


Still shot from intro routine "Story".

Photo by Tony Carabba.

From June 1st to 23rd 2016, Nadiah flew to LA to audition and successfully represented Australia in the international stage show DARE TO DANCEHALL created by Laure Courtellemont. 

Photo by Gianna Rizzo

Photo by Gianna Rizzo

Blacka Di Danca invites Nadiah NfuZion to become an official member of the global DANCA® Family representing Australia! Click on the photo to read more.


Nadiah was interviewed by 2 beautiful ladies Nkechi Anele and Lucie Cutting who are the founders of an online forum called The Pin

The Pin is a discussion platform run by biracial Australian for all Australians. Everyone deserves to feel safe to THINK about who they are, MEET amazing people and EXPRESS themselves. Find answers and find yourself at The Pin.

Click on the image below to find out more about Nadiah's challenges and triumphs as a biracial woman growing up in Malaysia and Australia.


Watch out for workshops in your city by Australia's pocket rocket DHQ Nadiah NfuZion and ketch di DANCEHALL FUZION and/or AFRO FUZION vibe while she embarks on her solo tour around the world!