Photo by Kevin Kidimbu

Photo by Kevin Kidimbu

Nadiah "NfuZion" is Australia’s first and currently only freelance dancer, choreographer and educator specialising in Dancehall and various African street dances on the international market. She is a member of the global Dancehall collective - DANCA FAMILY - and Paris based house and all styles all female dance crew, Paradox-sal

Nadiah has been teaching weekly classes and conducting regular workshops throughout Australia since 2010 and more recently relocated to Paris, France which has given her the humbling opportunity to teach workshops and perform more frequently around the world. To date she has taught and/or performed in South Africa, Portugal, Germany, Poland, France, Switzerland, Egypt, Canada, UK, USA, and even in the motherland, Jamaica!

Nadiah believes that the definition of a great teacher can truly be seen in their most novice pupil. It also means that she will forever be a student.  Consequently, she is constantly striving to broaden her knowledge and acquire new skills to refine her craft. This clearly reflects Nadiah's extreme passion, generosity, and genuity in what she delivers in all aspects of her profession. In addition, Nadiah has gained recognition in the Australian dance industry due to her freestyle and choreographed performance skills, unique movement, appearance and versatility to perform various styles. 

As her dance spirit truly lies in the freestyle world, Nadiah has also been recognized at home (Australia) for being one of the strongest influential females in the underground scene of her time. Subsequently, in the last 3 years, Nadiah has been active in organising events dedicated to cultivate, uplift and encourage growth and unity in her community.



With origins from South Africa and Malaysia, Nadiah Idris was born in Melbourne, Australia. At the tender age of 6, Nadiah's family relocated to Malaysia and within the year she began attending the Didance Academy where the dance curriculum was traditional Balinese Folk Dance. Nadiah stopped
Balinese dancing a few years into primary school. Nonetheless, she continued exploring her own movement. She often choreographed various dance and cheerleading routines for school events. It was also during these years that Nadiah discovered her natural movement and started exploring the art of freestyle.

Upon graduating high school, from mid 2004 to 2005, Nadiah completed a full-time dance course with the Celestar Studio of Performing Arts where she trained in a wide range of technical and street styles. Nadiah achieved training in Ballet to an intermediate level in RAD Syllabus, Jazz to Level 4 in CSOPA Syllabus and Indian Classical Bharatanatyam to First Alarippu.

In 2005, Nadiah relocated to Brisbane to continue dancing and further her studies at University. After 2 years of searching for the right dance school, she finally discovered Mad Dance House (MDH) where she diligently attended classes at every opportunity, nearly forfeiting her degree in the process. In 2008, Nadiah discovered her true niche when Amelia Lynch introduced Dancehall to MDH. She competed in the Brisbane Dancehall Queen competition Then flew to Sydney to represent Brisbane in the national finals where she was crowned Dancehall Queen of Australia. Soon after Nadiah went on to perform at various events and with numerous local, interstate and international artists, bands and DJs.

Despite Nadiah’s passion for dancing, she managed to finally graduate in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Marine Biology. However, she chose not to pursue a career in the Science field and instead decided to focus on building her career as a performance artist. In 2010, Nadiah immersed herself completely by undertaking the year long Professional Performers Course offered by the Raw Dance Company where she received intensive training in Musical Theatre, Hip- Hop, Jazz, Funk Tap, Afro Jazz, Samba, Ballet, Acrobatics and much more. During this time, Nadiah also extended her skills to aerial circus arts and trained for over 2 years in Tissu, Lyra and Static Trapeze.