Dancehall was born in the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica in the late 80s. It involves many elements such as dance, music, language, fashion and is deeply connected to the culture of the people.

This class will take students right back to the basics and foundations of the dance. Students will not only learn the physical movement but also educated on the history, culture and appropriate timeline of dances. From old school party steps like the infamous "Willy Bounce" and "Pon Di River" to the latest new school steps of today, students should leave with a solid base to keep training afterwards yet hungry for more.

No complex choreography. 

Suitable for students of all levels.

Workshops can be catered to specific styles within Dancehall upon request such as:

  • Female Style
  • Dancehall Queen Style (includes training in flexibility and tricks) 
  • Male Style
  • Party Dances
  • Unisex Steps