Dancehall Fuzion is essentially Nadiah's creative vision of Dancehall choreography. From controlled and smooth to explosive and energetic to everything in between, although still strongly rooted in Dancehall, Nadiah's choreographies are often mixed with elements of african street dances, traditional african dances, technical styles and/or other street styles. In addition to that, Nadiah does not limit herself to creating just to Dancehall music but also expands the use of her vocabulary to create unique choreographies to other sounds. 

Therefore, aside from providing a strong Dancehall base, in this class students are also exposed to a wide variety of other dance techniques and vocabulary as well as music genres. Students are challenged in multiple skills including musicality, body control and performance while still maintaining and allowing their individual personalities to shine!

Suitable for students with some dance experience.

Workshops can be catered to specific styles upon request such as:

  • Female Style
  • Dancehall Queen Style (includes training in flexibility and tricks)
  • Male Style
  • Unisex