Growing up in a household with parents from 2 very different cultural backgrounds, Nadiah was fortunate to be exposed to a fascinating mix of diverse music, dance, language, food and many other traditions from both Asia and Africa. However, being of mixed heritage in a country where it was quite uncommon, she regularly faced many challenges in relation to being bi-racial. As a result, Nadiah was drawn to people and communities that shared these similarities.  

For centuries, art especially in the form of music and dance has been a key form of expression for many cultures. It is especially important for people and communities that face all kinds of adversities. This then is really how Nadiah discovered her love for dance. Over the years, Nadiah explored many dance styles but when she discovered Dancehall and later, other dances from African communities around the world, she was able to completely express the depths of her experiences. It is also no secret that African communities world wide have been dealing with all kinds of adversity until present day and yet it is the origin of the world's most beautiful and popular dances and music (to say the least). 

It's been on an ongoing journey for Nadiah to understand how and why she has an especially deep connection to and passion for dances and music born in these communities. Over time, it has become clear to her that it is the combination of the above mentioned elements - cultural upbringing, personal life experiences and reason for dance - that has given her that place of solace.

Although born out of hardship, ironically, the various dance styles and music from these communities ultimately bring joy, healing, liberation and so much more to the people who practise it. It is for these reasons that Nadiah is determined to share, spread and grow the infectious energy and good vibes these dances and music bring throughout Australia and the world! 

Dance is truly a way of life for Nadiah. It continues to teach her many lessons, takes her on life changing journeys and has shown her the importance of having values. Consequently, utilising Dance as her creative platform, Nadiah's mission is to educate, empower and inspire others to "live true and dance free" (Marjory Smarth) through these mantras:

1) LOVE yourself for all that you are.

2) Embrace your INDIVIDUALITY.

3) Stay grounded and always give GRATITUDE.

4) RESPECT the culture and the community.

5) VALUE the art of (your) dance by setting the right standards and staying true to them. 

6) EDUCATE yourself about the history and foundations to give you a deeper connection and understanding.

7) Only then will you have the rules to break and tools to CREATE your own pathways and movement that defines you. 

8) Keep it real and always DANCE what is in your heart.