Nadiah is deeply and holistically passionate about the Afro and Carribean cultures with her main focus being the music and dance. Therefore, through DANCEHALL and AFRO, she is determined to share, spread and grow the infectious energy and good vibes the culture brings throughout Australia and the world! 

Using her dance as a creative platform, Nadiah's mission is to empower and inspire others through imparting these important messages:

1) LOVE yourself for all that you are.

2) Embrace your INDIVIDUALITY.

3) Stay grounded and always give GRATITUDE.

4) RESPECT the culture and the art of (your) dance. 

5) EDUCATE yourself about the history and foundations to give you a deeper connection and understanding.

6) Only then will you have the rules to break and tools to CREATE your own pathways and movement that defines only you. 

7) Keep it real and always DANCE what is in your heart.