Experience, Versatility & Skills

Nadiah started performing at the age of 8. Her experience extends into multiple fields of the performing arts including dance, theatre, music and circus arts. 

Although she is widely recognised for Dancehall and various african street styles, Nadiah has extensive training in a wide variety of styles from technical (Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary), traditional (Balinese, West African) to other popular street dances (Hip Hop, House and many more). Versatility is therefore a quality Nadiah prides herself on as she continually  strives to execute any creative vision as authentically as possible. In addition, she is confident and equally skilled in performing choreography and freestyle.

Additionally, Nadiah has years of experience performing in live shows, concerts, music videos, private functions, club events, theme parks, festivals and for many artists like Kanye West, MAJOR LAZER, Robbie Williams, Ce'cile, Konshens and more! 

Nadiah is available to join an existing cast, as a soloist or as a group (dancers recruited by herself) and as an additional service, due to her large global network, she is also able to recommend or assist in recruiting other talents upon request. 


Live Shows - Music Videos - Theatre - TV - Film - Events - Private Functions/Parties - Character/Suit Work - Festivals


Photo by David Velez for Dance Summer Camp 2018

Photo by David Velez for Dance Summer Camp 2018

II. Dance Instructor, Educator and Mentor

Passion, Knowledge & Quality

Nadiah has been teaching various styles of dance since 2010. She believes that the definition of a great teacher can truly be seen in their most novice pupil. It also means that she will forever be a student. Consequently, Nadiah is constantly striving to broaden her knowledge and acquire new skills to refine her dance and teaching methods. 

Nadiah has been specialising in Dancehall and various African street dances since 2008. As a result, her insatiable passion has informed her desire to dig deeper and to better understand their respective cultural connections which has brought her to their birth places and multiple cities around the world. Besides these pilgrimages, Nadiah has been one of Australia's first teachers to spread the fundamentals of these dances within the
country as well as abroad. Read more about her MISSION

The qualities that make Nadiah an outstanding and rare dance educator in our current saturated market of teachers, is her years of real underground and commercial experiences coupled with her diligent ongoing research into all aspects of dance. She conducts her classes with passion, energy and positivity whilst instilling traditional values like focus, persistence and proactivity. Students often leave Nadiah's classes with crucial skills and information about the respective style and overall dance so that they can continue to build on and apply these to all aspects of their craft, professionally and recreationally. 

Nadiah is available for workshops and intensives worldwide in the following:


Independent Organisers - Camps - Dance Studios - Schools - Festivals - Events - Corporate - Private Functions/Parties


III. Choreographer

Creative & Accommodating

Creating choreography is one of Nadiah's main skills. Her experience working with talents with varying dance abilities, gives Nadiah the insight to develop choreography - from the "fun & simple" to the "technical & complex" - and that can accommodate any level. 

Although Nadiah's specialty is Dancehall and African street dances, she also has extensive training in multiple technical, cultural and street dance styles. This gives Nadiah the versatility to choreograph foundational yet entertaining pieces in a specific dance style and upon request. However, if creative freedom is encouraged, Nadiah's choreographies are often a wild, beautiful and unique mix highlighting elements and technique that reflect her vast dance vocabulary.


Artists - Live Shows - Music Videos - Theatre - TV - Film - Concept Videos - Creative Direction


Photo by Luis Zamora Fotografia for Rudegyals Clothing

Photo by Luis Zamora Fotografia for Rudegyals Clothing

IV. ModeL, BRand ambassador and influencer

Nadiah's unique features, edgy appearance and personal styling has caught the eyes of many photographers and as a result has brought her various photographic modeling opportunities. She is particularly interested in working on creative concepts involving collaborations between HMUAs, fashion designers and photographers.

Nadiah has also received sponsorship and recruited as a brand ambassador for fashion labels. More recently, Nadiah's image and increasing social media following has opened up a new avenue attracting brands to recruit her as an influencer. 


Photographers - HMUAs - Fashion Designers - Brands - Companies


Photo by Jose Sanchez for OFF Sessions

Photo by Jose Sanchez for OFF Sessions

V. Private Tuition and Talent Coach

Personalised, Intensive & Thorough

Nadiah offers private tuition for individuals, duos/couples, small groups (up to 4) and crews/teams wishing to focus on training a specific skills, set of skills or learning a choreography for pleasure.

She also offers movement & performance coaching for artists, actors and other talents in preparation for live shows, theatre, music videos, TV and film.


Individuals - Duos/Couples - Small Groups - Crews/Teams - Artists - Actors - Other Talents


Photo by Melika Dez for Ladies of Hip Hop Festival 2017 (Dancehall Judge)

Photo by Melika Dez for Ladies of Hip Hop Festival 2017 (Dancehall Judge)

VI. Battle & Competition Judge

Nadiah's dance journey began in freestyle so she has always felt more comfortable in the underground scene. Nadiah has been competing in battles and competitions for many years in Australia and abroad in the USA, France and Jamaica to name a few. As a result, she is recognized at home for being one of the strongest influential females in the underground scene of her time. 

Below are some of Nadiah's awards, titles and victories:

It is Nadiah's broad experiences having competed in the most raw freestyle battles to the most polished choreographed competitions that make her ideal for adjucation. Her ability to judge & critique on multiple skills within dance is something that only comes with years of experience.



Battles - Dance Competitions - Talent Shows


VII. Events Organiser 

Community Upliftment

In May 2015, Nadiah organised her first event - "Caution! Watch Your Step". It's unexpected success and rave reviews from the community inspired Nadiah to explore this exciting path further. One year later, it grew to become a new passion eventually launching her weekly event - OFF Sessions - in Melbourne, Australia. OFF Sessions was fully funded by herself and her small team of like minded passionate dancers with the aim to cultivate, uplift and encourage growth and unity in her dance community. For the 6 months leading up to her departure from Melbourne, Nadiah and her team hosted weekly and monthly events such as jam sessions, documentary viewings and battles. Moreover, Nadiah was the PA and artist manager for the launch of RAWartists Melbourne.

Nadiah is currently based in Paris and is interested in further exploring events organisation opportunities to develop new ideas or to join an already existing team. 


Events - Functions - Parties