You dance like you are 10 feet tall!!!
— Paula Abdul, USA

I had the pleasure to take a private class with Nadiah. You feel at ease with her straight away. Her teaching is very clear and sharp. She makes you understand perfectly how to learn or improve the steps you want to learn.
— Giada, Italy (Student from Puglia)

Everytime I’ve learned from Nadiah, either through a workshop or private lesson, she brings a clarity that is rare and so valuable in learning Dancehall. As an instructor, Nadiah will articulate those details that are honestly difficult to pinpoint in a way that really helps to dissolve those blocks that may be preventing you from growth in your dancing.

Thank you Nadiah for leading with such integrity & talent.
— Libby, USA (Student from Santa cruz)

Your workshop was amazing and you’re such an inspirational person. It was my first time taking a class incorporating specific African diaspora dances and I was super nervous but you made the environment so welcoming and fun to learn in so thank you so much!
— Vanessa Yu, USA (Student from LA)

The best workshop I’ve ever had. I really loved your vibe...Your way to teach and best of all you’re humble. The world needs more people like you. Keep sharing you are an amazing person
— Cintia, PRT (Student from Lisbon)

Taking your class at the Gold Coast made my love for Dancehall so much deeper. You taught us about the history and how moving our bodies is a beautiful expression...
— Mariam, KWT (Student from Gold Coast)

Meeting you personally was overwhelming. You are full of energy...Nadiah, you are a gift from heaven. Be blessed, see you soon.
— Tabita, CHE (Student from Lausanne)

I first met Nadiah when I casually strolled into a class of hers almost 3 years ago. Wow, what a life changer. Nadiah is so much more than a dance teacher - she bubbles over with life, love and vitality. She radiates warmth, enthusiasm and encouragement, and going to her class just makes me so happy! So much more though, she takes her art very seriously, is always learning, improving, deepening and widening her mastery of the styles she’s interested in. I can’t recommend her enough! Anyone who either wants to get into dance, learn a new style, or even experienced dancehall dancers will get so much from Nadiah’s class. Spread the word, spread the love <3<3<3
— Anat, AUS (Student from Melbourne)

Back to the first time I went to your workshop, you opened up my mind and introduced a whole new vision of dance and life to me. You are someone I look up to, someone whose existence reminds me that there are always more things to learn, more fun to enjoy and more love to share!!
— Harley, AUS (Student from Adelaide)

You said I am an inspiration to you but you are an inspiration to me too! Watching you dance gives me goosebumps
— Latonya Style, JA (Dancer/Choreographer and CEO of DanceJA)

OMG easily one of the BEST classes we’ve ever had in history! Thank you Nadiah for all that you do to educate people on dance...every word you say in class I can feel the passion. It’s very inspiring miss Nadiah! T8F loves you
— Joel Fuentes, AUS (Director/Founder of Triple8Funk)

I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your class. You are a very generous and patient teacher. I always feel challenged, my mind and body are fully engaged. Your joyful spirit gets into my bones and after class I am the best me I can be, all happy and optimistic...Thank you, you are inspiring me to dance my way into the light.
— Dom, AUS (Student from Melbourne)